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BndrGene Expo (1st - 2021)

BndrGene Science Expo is an exclusive scientific event held at Taibah University to connect medical research experts. The main objective of the Expo is to bring together academic health professionals and their outstanding ideas and projects for the purpose of facilitating, collaborating, connecting, and exploring current opportunities. 


Taibah University hosts 6 different health colleges, each with a unique objective to educate and promote clinical services in Madinah and in the Kingdom.


50+ publications are contributed each year by TaibahU Health academics. This Expo will give an opportunity for everyone to appreciate and be involved in other's research areas.


There is nothing like Teamwork. BndrGene's Expo is focused on bringing TaibahU health professionals together where they can collaborate on old projects or even start new ones.


More than 300 health professionals are among the distinctive academic staff portfolio working at TaibahU, all of which are serving at local health institutions.


The Expo will be a very good place to talk about available resources and possible infrastructure that can be used or utilized in different research projects. 


Nothing is like publishing your unique and beautiful scientific work in Scientific Journals. The Expo will give the opportunity to share selected publications and the journey they took by the researcher.

Main Speakers

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Dr. Bandar Suliman

A board-certified Consultant Clinical Scientist, Associate Professor of Molecular Immunology & Oncology, Founder of BndrGene.

Research interests: Immune cell signaling, Gene expression profiling, molecular mechanisms in disease. 

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